TUNA season begins later part of July and continues through September. We had some wonderful catches last year with some big fish and are expecting great fishing this year.  What great fun for everyone and the excitement of live bait when they hooked into one of those speeding bullets known as TUNA. Upon returning to the dock there were tall tales of fishing, wildlife and water conditions. Pictures were then taken and people coming from everywhere to view the catch. We had a few bystanders who asked to have their picture with the catches. I wonder what kind of a story they told!


 We offer one day and overnight trips. Contact us for more information.

We have coffee aboard please bring big lunches as you will be out longer than an 12 hour trip.  You will need water, pop and juice.  Please dress warm and comfortable.  While fishing for tuna please have boots and rain gear with you as this is a very exciting and messy fishery.


Our a one-day trips are longer than 12 hours. We ask that you be in the office at 2:00 am; you should return between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.  In September fishermen will need to be in office at 3:00 am and returning between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm the  WE OFFER LIVE BAIT FISHING YOU ARE ONE ON ONE WITH THE FISH.  For more information call 1-800-831-2695 or 1-360-642-3466 OR 1-360-642-3232. This trip can be one of the most unique trips you have ever taken out in the clear blue water with dolphins and other sea life close at hand.  CAMERAS ARE A MUST

In addition to one day tuna trips we have OVERNIGHT trips that begin at 2:00 am. You will fish all day, spend the night on the vessel and fish the part of the next day.  For more information call 1-800-831-2695 or 1-360-642-3466.

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Be sure to pack your food, beverages and clothing, including rain gear and boots for when you are fishing. Sleeping accomodations: you will need to bring your sleeping bag and pillow. Bring your camera; don’t try to tell your friends about your trip when you can show them pictures.

All bait and tackle is included in the price. When returning to the dock, the tuna may be taken to a cannery or you may take it with you. Bring coolers to transport your fish home.

CALL 1-800-831-2695

Reservations, Questions, Fishing Reports, Special Requests...


1-800-831-2695 LOCAL: 360-642-3466


All of your fish are kept on ice on our boats throughout your trip. Salmon are gutted and gilled before you get back to the dock. All other species are left whole to ensure the quality...



SALMON SEASON is Closed due to a great fishing season. THERE IS A POSSIBILITY OF 2 DAYS OF SALMON FISHING ON LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Call for reservations and a wonderful experience on the water.  Watch for whales.


Bottom fishing will continue through September.   We are also doing combination trips of Salmon and Bottom Fish getting the best of both worlds. These trips have been doing well.  We have been getting some Lings.  Call NOW for your reservation: 1-800-831-2695 or 360-642-3466.


Retention of Halibut is closed.


August has been great! September should finish an outstanding year. Remember we have Live bait on our vessels, 2 Captains aboard for more than a 12 hour trip. Get your reservations as soon as possible to take advantage of this fishery. Please call to get special pricing and updates and make your reservations.