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Burials at sea

The tradition of burial at sea is an ancient one. As far as anyone knows this has been a practice as long as people have gone to sea. In earlier times, the body was sewn into a weighted shroud, usually sailcloth. The body was then sent over the side, usually with an appropriate religious ceremony. Many burials at sea took place as recently as World War II when naval forces operated at sea for weeks, and months at a time. Since World War II many service members, veterans, and family members have chosen to be buried at sea.

We offer attended or unattended trips for ash scatterings or full body sea burials per USCG regulations and licensed by the State of Washington. Presided over by the captain, your clergy and/or representatives of your choosing may attend.

We will work with you to properly and legally mail cremated remains, if needed. Contact us: our sensitive and friendly staff will walk you through everything you need to know.

We are pleased to recommend Artistic Bouquets and More, a wonderful florist, just a couple of miles from the Port. Marsha will be happy to work with you on any flowers you wish to include in the ceremony.

Let us help you to arrange a tribute befitting your loved one. Each service is personal and affordable. We serve all faiths as well as offering military ceremonies, and are recommended and approved by local funeral homes.

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