The latest news on salmon fishing out of Ilwaco, Washington

Salmon are among the most highly prized fish caught worldwide. These fish are found in abundance off ILWACO in the Pacific Ocean and in the Columbia River.


Please call early as we expect a busy fishing season. Call for current pricing; Group rates weekdays only until early July.


Before:  Trips are booked for at least 8 hours or fish limits. For most trips you will need to be in the office between 5:00 and 5:15 AM but check your departure time when you make your reservations.

During: We will furnish coffee aboard and all the bait and tackle for your fishing adventure.  The fish are iced on the vessels.

After:To ensure the quality and freshness of your catch, all of your fish are kept on ice on our boats throughout your trip. Salmon are gutted and gilled before you get back to the dock.

When you return to the docks with your fish, the deckhand will take your fish up to be photographed.

We offer a fillet and vacuum-packing service on-site. You may take your fish home whole, filleted, vacuum-packed. Quick freeze and storage are available.

1-360-642-3466, 1-800-831-2695 or:

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