SALMON CHARTERSP1010461 Salmon are among the most highly prized fish caught worldwide. These fish are found in abundance off ILWACO in the Pacific Ocean and in the Columbia River.


 SALMON SEASON Opening dates June 24th through September 4th, 2017.  2 fish limit. 1 Chinook marked or un-marked, and 1 Coho marked or 2 Silvers marked. 7 DAYS A WEEK This is another large run of  Salmon at the mouth of the Columbia River.  The FISHING and catching has been very good.   We are here and ready to take your reservations.  Call to get your special dates.


Please call early as we expect a busy fishing season. Group rates weekdays only until early July. Please call for current pricing.


Trips are booked for at least 8 hours or fish limits. For most trips you will need to be in the office between 5:00 and 5:15 AM but check your departure time when you make your reservations. We will furnish coffee aboard and all the bait and tackle for your fishing adventure.  The fish are iced on the vessels.  The fish are cleaned ( gut and gilled only) and put in a bag for you to transport or take to processer, for fileting and vacuuming and freezing and storage. When you return to dock, we offer fillet and vacuum-packing service on-site.
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You will need lunches, beverages and warm clothing.

Your State of Washington Short Term License is available in our office and is $10.50 (one day).

Prepare for taking your fish home or let us fillet and vacuum pack it for you.

If you need motels or other accommodations, let us know. Sometimes we can help with information and some special rates.

CALL 1-800-831-2695

Reservations, Questions, Fishing Reports, Special Request...


1-800-831-2695 LOCAL: 360-642-3466


All of your fish are kept on ice on our boats throughout your trip. Salmon are gutted and gilled before you get back to the dock. All other species are left whole to ensure the quality...


UPDATES FOR 2017 Our Salmon Season begins on June 24th, 2017.  Expecting good returns for this coming year.  Good size of Coho for this time of year.  Call for Reservations and a wonderful experience on the water.  Watch for Whales.

Bottom fishing will continue through Sept.  we have been limiting with bottom fish and most of our LING CODS.  We are also WILL BE doing a combination trip of Salmon and Bottom Fish BEGINNING JUNE 24TH, getting the best of both worlds. Call NOW for your reservation. HALIBUT FISH BEGAN TODAY MAY 4th, 2017 we have boats coming back with limits should arrive around 2:00 pm.  We fish every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the quota is met. Tuna Our first scheduled trip is July 1st,    August and September should be an outstanding year. Remember we have  Live bait on our vessels, 2 Captains aboard for more than a 12 hour trip. Get your reservations as soon as possible to take advantage of this fishery. Early reports are indicating we should have a great Tuna year. Please call to get updates and make your reservations.